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WATCH: The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast, 3/21 live stream

The Bengals have had a pretty busy first week of free agency. Have they greatly improved their team?

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Cincinnati Bengals so active in the first few days of free agency, but whether it’s through trades, outside signings, or addition by subtraction, the roster has a new look. But, is it enough to push them over the hump?

On this week’s OBI episode, we explore the new acquisitions and their immediate impact on the club. Are they going to be dormant for the rest of free agency? Can we count on them to bring in immediate impact rookies?

We were promised a bit of change this offseason and though the major figureheads remain intact, we’ve seen a more aggressive nature by the club. Will this pay off in a big way?

We’re also going to be answering your questions on air, so leave them here or in the live YouTube chat with other Bengals fans! Thanks for listening!

If you’re unable to join us live here at Cincy Jungle or YouTube every episode, all Orange and Black Insider content is available here on CJ, as well as on our SoundCloud and YouTube channels, and on iTunes! You can tweet us @BengalsOBI or get in touch with us via email at Thanks for listening!