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A.J. Green doesn’t think the Giants are dumb enough to trade Odell Beckham Jr.

A.J. Green believes that Odell Beckham Jr. will get paid before any deal gets done to move him.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

It seems to be all over the news lately whether the Giants will pay Odell Beckham Jr. or decide to trade him.

The receiver technically still has one year left on his deal, but there has been a report put out there that Beckham won’t take the field without a new deal in place. He also is reportedly seeking at least $20 million per season, but that could be more for negotiation purposes than anything.

Now, a lot of this story has been propelled by having to fill a 24-hour news cycle, but the Giants have reportedly been listening to offers for their star receiver, which would make sense. If teams are calling offering first-round picks for a guy with only one year left on his contract, then you should be listening.

A.J. Green doesn’t agree with that though. Green was participating in rapper Quavo’s Celebrity flag football game, but he did take time to talk to NFL Network when asked about the Beckham situation.

“That’s stupid. That’s stupid, man,” Green told NFL Network. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime, or once-in-a-generation talent, man, and you’ve got to be ready. I think he’ll get paid. They not that crazy.”

Green is right. You look at teams who trade away a generational talent like that because of money, and the team parting ways with the player almost never ends up on top. The team always ends up spending so many of their resources (draft picks and cap space) to try and replace that player.

Now, Green’s comments probably were only intended to go that deep. However, Green has a horse in this race whether he consciously knows it or not. Green has two years left on his current deal. He will be almost 31-years-old when he signs his next deal, and that could be his last deal in the NFL. He hasn’t shown any real signs of slowing down, so Green may still be able to demand top market money at that point.

Simply put, Green needs this next group of receivers to really push the top salaries up. Green is making roughly $15 million per year if you average out the total amount he will earn in total. That is still pretty much near the top of the NFL, but if he is going to make more than he needs the ceiling to be raised a little bit. Beckham getting a huge deal could be the first of a few deals to help him get there.

Odds are though Green will end up signing a similar deal to make sure hie retires as a Bengal. If he so chooses at least. I mean the Bengals aren’t stupid enough to trade Green.