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NFL Draft results 2018: Social media reactions to Bengals selecting OSU center Billy Price in Round 1

Social media was very mixed on Price, but Price is THRILLED to be in Cincinnati.

The Bengals have selected Ohio State University center Billy Price in Round 1 of the 2018 NFL Draft and Cincinnati football fans are all over the place with reactions.

Some fans are thrilled, others are beyond angry. Price though couldn’t be happier. He was so happy he almost didn’t answer the phone when he saw the Cincinnati area code calling to let him know he was being picked. It seems like the Bengals coaches are also thrilled about Price’s addition to the roster.

Here are the social media reactions to the Bengals’ first round pick, including quotes from Price himself!

Price will be headed to Cincinnati in the next few hours, at which point we’ll hear more from the newest member of the team! He expects to be medically cleared, including being able to practice fully by June.

The Ohio State players to the Bengals drought is OVER. Will more be added later this weekend, too?

Leave your reactions to the pick in the comments section below!