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Billy Price was playing Fortnite video game when Bengals called to draft him

Cincinnati bolstered its offensive line in the first round with Ohio State center, Billy Price. However, the rookie was calming his draft nerves in an interesting way Thursday night.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Billy Price Press Conference Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cincinnati Bengals have big plans over draft weekend—one of which is bolstering the offensive line. They made at least one great stride in that respect on Thursday night with the selection of Ohio State offensive lineman, Billy Price.

As it turns out, Price had plans of his own on Thursday night. It wasn’t to be at “Jerry World” in Arlington, but rather playing a popular video game as cards were turned in at the podium. When the Bengals called Price to let him know he was being selected, he was in the middle of playing a game of “Fortnite”.

For those unfamiliar with the game (like myself), it is an immensely popular online “cooperative sandbox survival game”. If you are on Twitter, you’ll have seen a number of professional athletes and celebrities talking about their experiences with the game.

When Marvin Lewis, Frank Pollack and Bill Lazor spoke with Price over the phone, it wasn’t quite clear what he was doing at the time. What was clear was his excitement at being selected, as he apparently put Fortnite on pause for a call from the 513 area code.

It’s always interesting to hear how players spend draft night. From Joe Thomas’ fishing expedition years ago, to players spending time at home with family, every guy has their preference. Price’s draft story definitely ranks up there in terms of entertainment.

Maybe he should ask for a sponsorship from Epic Games?