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NFL Odds 2018: Bengals tied for worst odds to win the Super Bowl

It’s becoming abundantly clear that the Bengals will be big underdogs in 2018.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

When the 2018 NFL season begins, the Bengals will be one of the biggest underdogs to win the Super Bowl.

The latest Super Bowl odds from Bovada have the Bengals tied with the Jets, Bills, Browns, Dolphins and Bears for the worst odds to win it all next season.

It’s crazy to think the Bengals have as good of a chance to win the Super Bowl as the Browns, who have gone 1-31 over the last two seasons.

I can understand the Bills and Dolphins, both of whom have been to the playoffs within the last two years, but Cleveland?

That really speaks to how down the national media is on Cincinnati.

While the Bengals have a lot of work to do before becoming so much as a playoff contender, they’re far from the worst team in the NFL. Let’s hope they prove it in 2018.

Here’s a look at all of the Super Bowl odds for next season: