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2018 Cincinnati Bengals Take Generator: Every absurd take you could dream up

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Get ready for hours* of fun with our Bengals Take Generator.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Bengals now have 91 players on the offseason roster. Because Moritz Bohringer is on the team via the International Player Pathway Program, the team gets an extra spot on the offseason roster to keep him in the fold.

Many of the names on the roster are new ones including 11 draft picks, 11 undrafted free agents, Bohringer, Cordy Glenn and the free agent signings of Preston Brown and Chris Baker.

That’s a lot of players and with so many players come many, many takes. Hot takes, cold takes, normal takes, SO.MANY.TAKES!

Today, we’re releasing a Cincinnati Bengals Take Generator.

What is a Take Generator, you ask?

Well, our friends at Daily Norseman (SB Nation’s Vikings blog) have creased a Take Generator that matches player names with football takes. This is some good-natured offseason fun! And, they’ve helped us make one for the Bengals.

If you’re too lazy to research players, watch game film and make real opinions on the roster, the Take Generator can do that work for you! Or, if you want to have fun and hit a button 400+ times, you can do that with the Take Generator, too.

Some of these takes will make perfect sense. Others... will not. There are more than 500,000 unique take combinations, so, that’s bound to happen. It’s all in good fun, so keep that in mind and start hitting that Take Generator button!

Be sure to share some of your favorites in the comments below. It’s hours of fun!*

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Note 2*: Fun may not actually last for hours.