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Bengals fan and rookie QB Logan Woodside “always wanted to be drafted” by Cincinnati

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The Bengals’ new quarterback grew up a fan of the team. This year, they made his dreams come true.

Logan Woodside has been posting pictures of himself in Kentucky and in the Cincinnati area since immediately after the 2018 NFL Draft.

The Bengals rookie quarterback didn’t just get to town early after Cincinnati selected the former Toledo quarterback in the seventh round of the draft.

He’s actually from Frankfort, Kentucky. He was posting pictures in and around his hometown.


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Channeling my inner Johnny Bench ⚾️⚾️ #FIVEE5

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Woodside who traveled the 90-minute journey from Frankfurt to Cincinnati for rookie minicamp last week, joins a Bengals quarterback room that includes starter Andy Dalton, newly added backup Matt Barkley and third-year backup Jeff Driskel. It was Woodside’s dream to be drafted by the Bengals. And that dream came true with the 249th pick in this year’s draft.

The Bengals drafted a Bengals fan!

“Something I always wanted was to be drafted by the Bengals, and them taking me in the seventh round means they believe in me,” Woodside said via the Dayton Daily News. “There’s an opportunity for me to go out and compete, and that’s what I’m looking to do.”

Going deep

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Woodside will be competing but his chances of starting this year are pretty much non-existent. Save for an injury, Dalton will be the starter this season and it’s hard to imagine Woodside will be any better than the third string quarterback in his rookie year.

“I’ve talked to all those guys, and I think I’m just going to come in compete and whatever the team wants me to do if that’s the practice squad, to start or get water for Andy, I don’t really care,” Woodside said. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to win.”

That’s the attitude Woodside is going to need to have, and while he should aspire to start, that’s not likely in the cards for the Kentucky native in his rookie year. With that said, it does sound like he has the right mentality and knows that in rookie minicamp especially, his teammates will be relying on him.

“They’re looking at the quarterback,” Woodside said. “You’ve got to get in the huddle and you have to be the leader and you have to make the call and then when you get to the line of scrimmage it’s all about execution. I think it’s not really the throws, it’s the reads and putting the ball where it needs to be, whether that’s an out route or a check down to the back be accurate with it don’t question yourself and just make accurate throws.”