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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: 5/16 live stream

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We’re back this week, as some of the new faces on the Bengals’ squad take the field for the first time. Should we believe the hype we’re hearing with John Ross? Which Bengals rookie is poised to have the biggest impact and are there any diamonds in the undrafted free agency rough?

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We’re back after taking a week off and even though the 2018 NFL Draft is behind us, we’ve gotten our first look at football this season in the form of minicamps. The Bengals are relatively healthy at this point in the year and optimism is high, even though the national perspective on the club’s outlook doesn’t seem to be rosy right now.

One of the darlings of this spring is second-year receiver, John Ross. After a massively-disappointing rookie season, there have been glowing reports on how the former top-10 pick has looked so far in workouts. Should we believe the hype?

Though this year’s crop of rookies isn’t as flashy as last year’s group, there appear to be a number of guys who can help the team right away? Will someone else besides Billy Price have a larger impact on the squad in 2018? What about the undrafted rookie free agent class?

We talk about these and answer your questions on the air, so send them to us via Twitter, in the comments section below, or in our live YouTube chat by clicking the video above!

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