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Willie Anderson cannot get over the Cowboys’ practice facility and amenities

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It’s safe to say the Cowboys’ practice facility and amenities are miles ahead of the Bengals’.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Facility Tour Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

After working for a short period of time with the Bengals’ offensive line in training camp in 2016, Willie Anderson has his next NFL gig.

The former Bengals first round pick and offensive lineman will be following long-time Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander to Dallas to help out in OTAs with the Cowboys’ offensive line.

It’s nice to see Anderson getting a chance to help NFL players improve their game. He wanted to help out the Bengals’ struggling linemen last offseason but for some reason, the team didn’t seem to give him an opportunity to do that. Anderson also was interested in being considered for the Bengals’ offensive line coaching job this offseason when Alexander went to Dallas, but the Bengals wanted a more experienced coach to take on the role.

Besides helping out in Cowboys OTAs, Anderson runs an offensive lineman training program in Georgia where he trains college and high school linemen. He worked with some of this year’s draft prospects, too.

Anderson is now getting comfortable in Dallas, and not only has he received an incredibly warm welcome, but boy is he impressed with what he’s seen.

Here were some of the reactions to Anderson joining the Cowboys for OTAs.

Anderson seems to be wowed by the Cowboys’ practice facilities and weight room.

“Oh this is just up stairs in the practice facility,” Anderson wrote on Twitter, showing the Cowboys’ facility. “Nothing special. Just a 5 Star Restaurant Cowboys Club. This is just the outdoor part. We were here for the opening but we didn’t come here. Just the practice facility alone is a free agent’s dream.”

In another post, Anderson writes, “They do things a tad bit different out here! Cowboys members only club! Damn y’all! Practice facility! Practice? We talking about practice!”

The Bengals have been criticized for their failure to have an indoor practice field and it’s safe to say there’s nothing like this in Cincinnati. The Cowboys’ facility is one of the nicest in the league and just about anyone would be blown away by it. Still, it’s interesting to see how Anderson reacted to seeing it all as a former NFL player who played 12 years in Cincinnati at a time when the team was one of the league’s worst teams and known for being excessively cheap. The Bengals have come a long way since then, but there’s still no indoor practice field and the amenities to do not compare to those in Dallas.

Anderson is completely right when saying that these types of amenities easily attract free agents. He’s clearly impressed.

On a bittersweet note, Anderson also Tweeted that he was sick and in the emergency room recently and Marvin Lewis and Troy Blackburn both got in touch with him to check in. He appreciated it and thanked them. Also, he says the Bengals will be helping him with a program for kids in Cincinnati. So, look out for news on that in the near future!


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