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Filed under: compares Bengals attempting to win in playoffs to finding a Taco Bell box full of money

Cool stuff, Adam Rank.

Will the Bengals win a playoff game following the 2018 NFL season?

I’d love to believe they will. I mean, we’ve suffered through enough. We deserve a playoff win. Don’t we? I can come up with many logical reasons why this is our year... before I go on to create even more reasons why it won’t be.

In reality, nobody can answer this question today and we’ll have to wait and see how the team develops over the offseason and what they do when they take the field in September.

As of now though,’s Adam Rank does not believe the Bengals will break their streak of playoff losses. Rank wrote about 10 NFL streaks that will — or won’t — be snapped in the 2018 NFL season and had some choice words regarding the Bengals’ unfortunate playoff losing streak.

THE STREAK: The Cincinnati Bengals have not won a playoff game since the 1990 campaign.

Will it live? Yes.

Why? What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting Marvin Lewis to win a playoff game. We could talk about Cincy’s great offseason moves, like drafting Billy Price and trading for Cordy Glenn. But Marvin Lewis is still the coach. It’s like going to Taco Bell, ordering a Mexican pizza and expecting it to be a box full of money. You can hope for that, but it’s not happening.

This is hard. Because his first two sentences are so spot on. Why would the Bengals think they will win in the playoffs with Marvin Lewis as head coach when he has been the head coach for 15 seasons and has come away with zero playoff wins in seven appearances. I want to disagree with Rank there, but it’s pretty much impossible to do so as a logical human being.

But, let’s throw logic out the window.

Mike Brown believes in Marvin Lewis for a reason.

The players believe in Marvin Lewis for a reason.

There’s new assistant coaches in Cincinnati.

There’s a slew of new players who are going to be immediate contributors from Cordy Glenn to Preston Brown to Billy Price and Jessie Bates.

So yes, I’m not going to open a Taco Bell Mexican pizza and find a box full of money. (UNLESS I DO! See the image above!)

But maybe, just maybe, Lewis can coach the Bengals to their first playoff victory since January 1991.

I won’t count them out. Will you?