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NFL fans don’t like the Bengals’ logo. Here’s how it can be improved.

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It doesn’t get much worse than the Bengals’ logo, according to more than 1,400 NFL fans. But how can the Bengals make their logo better?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The first exposure many people have to a team is based on their logo, and recently polled over 1,400 NFL fans about their thoughts on every team’s logo in the NFL.

The Bengals didn’t do so hot. They ranked 30th with only the Jets and Browns behind them. It should be noted they were using the “striped B” logo as the Bengals’ logo. Although, the graphic designer who gave their opinion on each logo did give some hope for the logo.

I almost like this logo. They have this nice white border around it, but it is hard to see against a lot of backgrounds. The white border adds a finishing touch that makes this work against darker backgrounds. It adds a layer of depth that I think brings it together, but you can’t make it out against a lighter background. Overall, the color scheme works for me, but particularly when this logo is up against darker backgrounds. I can see how some may say that this doesn’t immediately scream that it is a football logo because there isn’t a lot of excitement. The shape of the “B” is a little short and fat – it just doesn’t feel football. There isn’t a lot of strength. Something taller and less squat would be a better approach.

Running with that idea of somehow making the Bengals logo better, here are my ways to make the logo more appealing.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a graphic designer

Get away from using a letter as the logo, and make something that looks ferocious

The common theme with the teams who are in the bottom half of this poll is letters or lack of a mascot. You have teams that prominently display the first letter of the team somewhere on the logo. The only real exception to these rules are the Colts and Washington. Of course the Raiders are above average but they have the iconic Raider in their logo.

Clearly it isn’t a great strategy to just throw a letter out there and call it a day. However, it can’t just be anything as the Browns proved with their helmet logo.

Fortunately, the Bengals already have a great base for a logo.

That may seem obvious to some people, but the data really backs up having a fierce looking cat. Of the four cat-based teams in the NFL the Bengals are the only ones ranked below average. That isn’t a coincidence.

Still this can be improved upon. I like this logo. It would probably dig us out of below average, but there could be more ferocity added to it’s personality. I think a change in the way the eyebrow are slanted could add some anger to it.

The teeth and mouth could be drawn more in the way of a Bengal tiger actually getting ready to attack it’s prey. Imagine a Bengal tiger’s face as it roars as the basis. This is more like a Bengal tiger saying “Hey guys” or “Yassss.”

It doesn’t really strike the fear into anyone. Look at that logo and then look at this one and tell me we can’t do better.