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Carlos Dunlap gets offended when asked if he could lift 315 pounds

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TMZ caught Carlos Dunlap and Mike Pouncey off guard when they asked if they could lift 315 pounds after commenting on Odell Beckham lifting it.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Dunlap and Mike Pouncey were recently stopped on the street by TMZ to talk about what they thought of Odell Beckham lifting 315 pounds.

Neither linemen was really impressed because of the help Beckham got from his spotter, but Dunlap and Pouncey took some real offense when the camera man asked if either of them could lift 315 pounds.

Dunlap responded to the inquiry with a “is that a real question.”

Obviously veteran NFL linemen on the defensive and offensive side of the ball can easily work with 315 pounds. As Pouncey says “I throw people around who weigh 315,” so the question isn’t the best.

Dunlap and Pouncey are two of the best at their position in the NFL, and they both happen to be products of the University of Florida. It should also be noted that this is the Pouncey who plays center for the Dolphins and not the Steelers (although you shouldn’t be surprised if Dunlap is also cool with Maurkice Pouncey as well).

The cameraman could’ve done a far better job of phrasing the question. Like instead asking how many reps of 315 could they do. You could tell the cameraman just wanted to make a video of NFL players saying how it wasn’t a big deal that Beckham lifted 315 with the help of a spotter.

He had it going in the right direction until that point as both Dunlap and Pouncey were unimpressed with the lift. Although both linemen did note that they weren’t taking anything away from him as a receiver.

As fans we’d rather see Dunlap at the Bengals’ OTAs, which he is still skipping out on. It should be noted that OTAs aren’t mandatory, and Dunlap is going into a contract season. He likely doesn’t want to risk getting injured with a long-term deal on the horizon. Until the Bengals and Dunlap come to terms on a deal, he is probably more likely to be on TMZ than at a non-mandatory Bengals’ practice.