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Bengals great Chad Johnson comes to Andy Dalton’s defense

Former Bengals receiver Chad is still a believer in Andy Dalton.

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Andy Dalton has come under fire in recent years, largely due to the Bengals’ struggles on the field.

Dalton has typically been one of the NFL’s more scrutinized quarterbacks throughout his career in Cincinnati. He briefly silenced his critics with his big 2015 season, which saw him playing at an elite level for stretches.

However, Dalton has regressed in each of the past two seasons, as he’s committed 27 turnovers since 2016 after committing just nine in 2015. His completion percentage has also lowered in each of the past two seasons, while the Bengals have gone 13-18-1 during that span.

So of course, the quarterback is going to get the brunt of the blame, but Chad Johnson doesn’t want to hear it. He recently took a fan to task on Twitter and defended Dalton:

It’s always good to see former Bengal greats coming to the defense of current players. Dalton catches way too much flack as it is, so good on Chad to come to his defense.