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Around the AFC North: Ben Roethlisberger whines about Mason Rudolph

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Ben Roethlisberger proves he is one of the biggest divas in the NFL with his recent reactions to the Steelers drafting a quarterback on Day 2 of the draft.

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Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

The Bengals’ AFC North rivals are settling in after the draft.

However, some players are a little more settled than others. The Steelers are dealing with a diva under center, Cleveland is overlooking possibly their best starting quarterback in a very long time, and the Ravens sent a message to Joe Flacco, which he heard loud and clear.

Everyone in Cleveland is forgetting about Tyrod Taylor

I get the hype that comes with drafting a quarterback first overall. I understand he will eventually be the starting quarterback. I just don’t understand why Browns fans are so quick to write off Taylor already in favor of Baker Mayfield.

Although, that does seem to be a running trend with Taylor. Even last year after the Bills gutted most of the talent off their roster, Taylor led them to a 5-2 start. Then when the team lost two games in a row, for some reason, Buffalo benched Taylor only to throw him back in after Nathan Peterman threw an unheard of five interceptions in only 14 passes.

Taylor eventually got the Bills into the playoffs (with some help from the Bengals of course). How was he repaid? By being traded to the Browns.

It may be a blessing in disguise, however, as the Brown are probably in the best situation they’ve been in for years. They have pretty decent skill position players and a decent offensive line, though the loss of Joe Thomas hurts.

It shouldn’t shock anyone to see Cleveland win a few games early on in the year. The question becomes how long of a leash does Taylor have with a first-round pick breathing down his neck and a head coach who is pretty much coaching for his job.

I mean, if Taylor doubles the team’s win totals from the past two seasons, does he get a pass the rest of the season? My point here is that Browns fans maybe should get ready for the Taylor hype train to pull up to the station.

Ben Roethlisberger is a big cry baby who somehow doesn’t understand why the Steelers would draft a quarterback

The Steelers went out and hopped the Bengals in order to draft Mason Rudolph in the third round of the draft (the Bengals reportedly wouldn’t have drafted him anyway, but, the Steelers still traded up to get him). The pick wasn’t very well received by Pittsburgh’s reigning quarterback, though.

“Maybe in the third round, you know you can get some really good football players that can help this team win now. Nothing against Mason, think he’s a great football player,” Roethlisberger told the Cook and Poni Show on Pittsburgh’s 93.7. “I don’t know him personally, but I’m sure he’s a great kid. Umm I just don’t know how backing up or being a third, well who know where he’s going to fall on the depth chart, helps us win now, but you know that’s not my decision to make that’s on the coaches and GM and all those kind of things. If they think he can help our team, umm so be it, but I was a little surprised.”

Roethlisberger also went on to talk about how he will play another three to five years.

Roethlisberger has a point. When he said he was seriously considering retirement the Steelers should’ve know he meant that he is going to play at least another three seasons. The Steelers also should ignore the fact that he rarely plays all 16 games in a season at the age of 36. His health is TOTALLY only going to get better.

Seriously though, Roethlisberger is that jerk boyfriend who is constantly being a tool to his amazing girlfriend who gets him nice things like an Antonio Brown or Le’Veon Bell, but when that girlfriend finally wises up and moves on, the boyfriend is shocked and doesn’t understand.

Kudos to Rudolph by the way for taking the high road and shrugging of Roethlisberger’s comments.

Joe Flacco proves he is at least smarter than Roethlisberger

We can’t really argue if Flacco is elite anymore with the Ravens making it clear they are ready to move on by drafting Lamar Jackson in the first round.

We can now argue that at least Flacco is smarter than Roethlisberger as he talked about understanding why the Ravens did what they did, according to Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

That’s what I hear. And he’s too smart not to have gotten it. Flacco, 33, understands the trade-up pick of Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson means the Ravens have noticed his sub-.500 record and 82.4 passer rating in the past three years, regardless how much is his fault. The quarterback always takes major blame when an offense is lousy, and Baltimore’s has been bad—29th, 12th and 29th in passing yards in the past three seasons. What’s more, the Ravens are a boring offense.

Since the Ravens made Flacco the highest paid player in the NFL (for that moment at least) he really has not awarded the team with impressive play. The team has missed the playoffs three years in a row, and Flacco has failed to elevate the offensive talent around him.

Flacco at least hasn’t blabbed to the media about not getting why the Ravens aren’t happy with paying him a ton of money to not win games, though. The Ravens have also tried to revamp their offense this offseason by adding Michael Crabtree, John Brown, Hayden Hurst and Mark Andrews.

It is likely the Ravens are setting up Flacco with a no-excuses season. We’ll see how he fairs.