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8 fun facts with Bengals rookie DT Andrew Brown

The Bengals’ fifth round draft pick loves Italian food and rapper Young Dizzy.

NCAA Football: Virginia at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Athletes are more than their stat line and with that in mind, we’ve been sitting down with some of the Bengals rookies to get to know them beyond the football field.

We’ve already revealed some of second round pick Jessie Bates’ favorite things and fun facts and now it’s time to get to know more about fifth round pick and former Virginia defensive tackle Andrew Brown.

Interestingly enough, Brown and Bates share the same favorite TV show; maybe they’ll watch together in Cincinnati!

Here are some of Brown’s favorite things.

Favorite TV show: Power

Favorite movie: Friday

Favorite food: That’s hard! Italian dishes, like lasagna.

Favorite stadium you played in during college: Rose Bowl

Brown’s Cavaliers faced UCLA in Josh Rosen’s first start for the Bruins in 2015. The now-Cardinals quarterback led his team to a 34-16 win over Virginia.

Favorite music artist: Young Dizzy

What team are you most excited to face in the NFL? The Panthers. I grew up a Panthers fan, because my parents were from North Carolina. I am so excited to play against them this year, you have no idea.

Who was your favorite NFL player growing up? Julius Peppers

What’s your biggest fear? Failure

If you could have any super power what would it be? To be able to turn into smoke. You can then go through walls and be invisible.

Have you tried Cincinnati chili? Not yet, but I can’t wait to!