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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: 6/14 live stream

On this week’s episode, we welcome in Logan Levy from SB Nation’s Baltimore Beatdown to update us on the Ravens, and we also get up to speed with the Bengals as mandatory minicamps are underway.

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The Cincinnati Bengals are back for some on-field practices and so is the Orange and Black Insider to talk some football!

We’ve got an exciting show this week, as Logan Levy from SB Nation’s Baltimore Beatdown joins us to give us some updates on the Baltimore Ravens. Are they once again going to be sniffing the postseason, or will a backslide be occurring for them in 2018?

Meanwhile, on the Bengals front, the team is participating in their mandatory minicamp. We are not only going to break down what’s been happening on the field, but also in a couple of big contract extensions on the horizon.

Who would you rather sign: Geno Atkins or Carlos Dunlap? Is it even wise to throw big money at either of them as they are around the NFL’s dreaded age of 30?

Join us and submit your questions in the live YouTube chat. You can join in with other Bengals fans there in the above-embedded video, leave your questions in the comment thread below, or drop us a line on Twitter @BengalsOBI.

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