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Andy Dalton now has the “body of an All-Pro”

Brace yourself, NFL.

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Tyler Barrick /Getty Images

Andy Dalton is entering one of the biggest offseasons of his NFL career.

The veteran quarterback has three years left on his contract, but NFL teams typically try to extend their franchise quarterbacks with two years left on their deals, preventing them from entering a contract year.

That means whatever Dalton does this year could go a long way in determining if he gets an extension in 2019, as well as how big of a payday comes with it.

And let’s face it: Dalton’s stock has dropped significantly over the last two seasons, so he needs to have a good 2018 just to ensure the Bengals remain committed to him as their franchise passer.

Dalton has usually been one of the NFL’s more scrutinized quarterbacks throughout his career in Cincinnati. He briefly silenced his critics with his big 2015 season, which saw him playing at an elite level before his season-ending thumb injury.

However, Dalton has regressed in each of the past two seasons, as he’s committed 27 turnovers since 2016 after committing just nine in 2015. His completion percentage has also lowered in each of the past two seasons, while the Bengals have gone 13-18-1 during that span.

While his numbers have dropped, I doubt it was due to Dalton not working hard enough, as he’s typically been viewed as one of the team’s hardest workers off the field. That doesn’t mean, however, Dalton can’t still take it up a notch, and it sounds like he’s done that this offseason.

NFL reporter Gil Brandt, who is actually neighbors with Dalton,

The body of an All-Pro is...not exactly what’s come to mind when thinking of Dalton since he entered the NFL. Perhaps he’s made a dramatic change in his workout regime and now looks like a fierce warrior ready for battle.

No longer does Dalton resemble that of a red rifle, but instead a glistening infinity gauntlet read to throw 50 touchdowns and crush his opponents into dust.

Prepare yourself, NFL. Dalton is coming.

All joking aside, it is nice to hear Dalton has had a great offseason, not to mention he’s heaping more praise on Joe Mixon, who is primed for a breakout 2018 season. How well Dalton and Mixon play will go a long way in determining how good the 2018 Bengals can be.