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Bengals greats closed out minicamp by helping coach the offensive line

Bengals offensive line coach Frank Pollack had guys like Jim McNally, Anthony Munoz, Max Montoya and Dave Lapham on site for the final day of minicamp.

The Bengals are trying to create some huge changes along the offensive line this season. The past two years have been rough, so it was no surprise that the Bengals brought in a new offensive line coach, Frank Pollack, formerly of the Cowboys.

Pollack has brought a ton of changes with him. All you have to do is ask the players about his intense approach, and the results have reportedly looked great without pads so far. Pollack also made sure to utilize one of his greatest resources, Jim McNally.

McNally was the Bengals offensive line coach way back in 1980 and coached for the Bengals for 15 seasons. He helped develop the zone running scheme that many teams still use to this day. McNally was also responsible for launching the careers of tackle Anthony Munoz and offensive guard Max Montoya. When you add in Dave Lapham at offensive guard you have three-fifths of the Bengals’ Super Bowl offensive line from 1981. You also have three former players who attended the final minicamp practice for the Bengals this spring.

“Great players,” Pollack told Geoff Hobson of “Those guys were special. I wouldn’t say Munoz overshadowed Montoya. But, the greatest of all-time, people say, right? He had some really talented players with him. Montoya was a Pro Bowl player. He was a freaking stud.”

The biggest get for Pollack may have been McNally though, who has helped out the team for many years. McNally is a guy Pollack has looked up to during his coaching days due to his influence on the position and even the game.

“He’s a walking bank of knowledge,” Pollack said. “He’s a legendary line coach. If there’s a Hall of Fame for line coaches, he’s first ballot. If I can get an ounce of knowledge of what he has, I’m going to take it.”

Pollack asked McNally to help run some drills to create more reps for the guys learning a new offense and way of blocking. McNally, who is 74 and has been a consultant for the Bengals since 2012, jumped at the opportunity to help. He was very well received by the players.

“He’s hilarious,” Trey Hopkins said. “I love him. Even when he wasn’t coaching as much, you’d see him around and knew who he was. He’s obviously a great coach. He’s coached a lot of great players and he’s coached a lot of great coaches, too. He knows so many different techniques from all his experiences. Just a great guy to have as a resource.”

Not only has McNally been accepted by the players, but he has done a great job with helping them learn the new techniques Pollack is passing along.

“He’s definitely playing a bigger role,” Hopkins said. “Especially with the techniques we have now. Especially in pass protection. We’re using our hands a lot more. Using a variety of kicks. Showing the defensive line different things as opposed to waiting to react to them. He’s got techniques that I have never seen before and I think he was kind of holding off on some of that stuff.”

It is great for these players to be introduced to such greatness at this point during the offseason. It can only have a positive impact on guys to remind them of the rich history this team boasts and how hard work can pay off in the long run. Montoya went to four Pro Bowls and Anthony Munoz is a Hall of Famer. The results speak for themselves, and it seems like the current Bengals linemen are listening.