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Around AFC North: Le’Veon Bell offers cryptic update on Steelers contract talks

Le’Veon Bell is at it again with cryptic updates on his contract, and the Cleveland Browns set one of the worst records possible.

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It seems like every week we have a new cryptic from the Le’Veon Bell/Pittsburgh Steelers contract situation to try to figure out. The Cleveland Browns are setting another horrible record, and a new offensive player for the Baltimore Ravens is going to be the difference maker.

Is Alex Collins the answer at running back?

Collins was probably the best thing to happen to the Ravens’ offense last season. He almost reached 1,000 yards rushing despite only starting 12 games last season. He really started the season off hot too.

Collins ran for 206 yards the first three weeks on only 25 carries. He had his ups and downs during the season after becoming the starter, though. He only rushed for 100 yards twice. More importantly he rushed for 60 or less yards six times as the starting running back.

Still, the Ravens seem content with hoping they see more improvement from him in 2018. The only real safety net the Ravens have is Kenneth Dixon who hasn’t played the past two seasons due to a knee injury and suspension.

We will have to wait and see how that ends up working for the Ravens.

The Browns set the record for having four first round busts in three seasons

Ray Farmer’s name will live in infamy in Cleveland. He was promoted to run the team in 2014, and his picks were terrible. He isn’t alone to blame for the Browns’ recent draft woes, but he did a majority of the damage in the 2014 and 2015 drafts.

His first round picks were cornerback Justin Gilbert, quarterback Johnny Manziel, defensive tackle Danny Shelton and offensive linemen Cameron Erving. None of those players are still with the Browns and two are currently out of the NFL.

But there was still plenty of damage done before his arrival, as the Browns drafted seven busts from 2000-2014. The rate at which the Browns missed on top talent is just staggering.

Names like Trent Richardson, Phil Taylor, Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden are all bad on their own, but when one team is responsible for drafting them all in a relatively short period of time, then it is no surprise we saw the result we did the past few seasons.

Le’Veon Bell offers another cryptic update


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That is what Bell has offered up to us all. It must have something to do with his contract talks with the Steelers. Bell has been seeking a long-term deal with the team, but he has made it clear many times he hasn’t minded to just take his lucrative franchise tag salary instead of any offer he doesn’t like from Pittsburgh. This attitude toward negotiations has made it extremely difficult for the Steelers to lock up their star running back.

This seems to make it look like things are headed in the right direction though. The Steelers certainly hope so. They would likely want to relieve the $14.5 million cap hit Bell is currently creating by being franchise tagged. It would also give them peace of mind not having to worry about him possibly hitting free agency.

Of course, this could all be an elaborate prank by Bell just to see how the media and fans would react just for the fun of it. It honestly seems like it could go either way.