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5 really big things that are smaller than Bengals new left tackle Cordy Glenn

Cordy Glenn is a very big man, but just how big is he? Inspired by a photo of Glenn and Geno Atkins, here are some things and people that Glenn is bigger than.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals acquired their newest offensive tackle this offseason by making a trade with the Bills and moving back in the first round of the NFL Draft. Cordy Glenn is a very talented player when healthy and Cincinnati managed to land a mountain of a player.

Glenn is listed at 6’6” and 345 pounds. That already sounds very large, but as everyday people, I doubt most of us encounter a man that large on a regular basis.

Glenn and Geno Atkins were spotted by Dan Hoard walking out to practice together this week, and the image is completely startling. Atkins is not small. And Glenn is just MASSIVE. Atkins is 6’1” and 300 pounds, for reference.

Here is a list of things and people that Glenn is larger than to give Bengals fans an idea of the size of the man who will be protecting Andy Dalton’s blindside.

Actor Steven Seagal: 6’4” and 265 pounds

Some of the younger readers may not know who Seagal is. Well at one time he was one of the biggest action stars in the business. He was also famous for the similar concepts of his movies involving a former FBI agent or something along those lines. Recently Seagal has packed on some mass compared to when he was pumping out films. He still has a long way to go to catch up to Glenn though. It also should be said that while Glenn is pretty big, he doesn’t come anywhere near the size of Seagal’s ego.

Female Bengals Tigers: 3’6” and 310 pounds

Glenn doesn’t quite have male Bengal tigers beat as they end up weighing about 490 pounds. It is also worth noting that Bengal tigers end up being roughly eight to nine feet long, but this is a height and weight thing. Sorry tigers, learn to stand on your hind legs like the rest of us.

It is crazy to think that Glenn is bigger than the female version of the mascot of the team he is playing for. It is a real change of pace after playing for a team, the Buffalo Bills, with a 600 pound mascot.

Actor/Wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: 6’5” and 260 pounds

Mr. Rock Johnson is known for being a very big man in movies and in the WWE. More specifically, in his movies like the Fast and the Furious series where he looks like a Greek God. This is an importance frame of reference to remember that Glenn is actually bigger than that guy who is pretty famous for being big. Of course Johnson played football at the University of Miami before suffering an injury. He then had a fairly successful career as a wrestler under the name The Rock before staring in every big screen film he can get his hands on. Glenn may have a similar path, if size has anything to do with it. (Hint: it probably doesn’t.)

Female Polar Bear: 6’6” and 330 pounds

Don’t let the cuteness distract you from how massive this creature is. Similar to the Bengal tigers, Glenn has female polar bears beat, but this is a fairly close one as they are just about the same size. Glenn really only has about 15 pounds on these females. It would actually be a fairly good fight on paper if one didn’t have the advantage of being a bear. Glenn would be wise to not use this information to go messing with polar bears though. If he finds himself locked in a tussle with a male polar bear he will be out weighed by about 205 pounds. Best to just stick to beating up on NFL pass rushers instead.

Geno Atkins, Bengals defensive tackle: 6’1” and 301 pounds

Atkins is one of the most dominant inside pass rushers in the NFL. He is a very strong individual. A very strong individual who looks like a child walking next to Glenn.

There is obviously more to being a great offensive tackle in the NFL than being bigger than everyone around you. Still, this is just a reminder of just how the players in the NFL are so much different than the people we encounter in our everyday lives.

So while you may think that guy at your office is tall, just remember that Glenn would tower over him. That’s likely a good thing for Andy Dalton and the Bengals’ offense.