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Bengals John Ross, Auden Tate, Andrew Brown and Jordan Evans answer fan questions

Four Bengals took to Instagram to answer fan questions this week.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Minicamp Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Instagram has a new “ask me a question” feature and NFL players are getting to work answering dozens of fan questions.

Bengals rookies Auden Tate and Andrew Brown as well as second-year players Jordan Evans and John Ross all got in on the action by answering questions upon the release of the new feature.

Here’s what we learned about the four players from their answers.

John Ross

As a football fan, you have to be happy Ross has speed over looks.

Ross is apparently going to be getting married soon!

The best thing that ever happened to him wasn’t getting drafted by the Bengals.

The University of Washington graduate says his college is the best in America.

Ross and fellow Bengals wide receiver Kermit Whitfield have given themselves the nickname of “flash/fast bros.” It’s fitting as Ross ran a 4.22 second 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, the fastest in Combine history and Whitfield ran a 4.44 second time, but if you’re not sure... he’s really fast.

Auden Tate

Tate loves going to the movies.

Well, I just learned that NBA Youngboy is a rapper.

Tate didn’t really workout as a kid... he played football! Seems like it worked.

If you want to follow Tate on Snapchat, here’s his username.

This is pretty awesome.

What type of girl is Tate looking for?

Tate credits his looks to his parents.

An NBA take...

He hasn’t tried Skyline chili...yet (GASP)!

Tate works out for three to four hours per day.

Seems like Tate is a Fortnite fan.

Andrew Brown

Life hasn’t changed much for Brown since joining the Bengals.

Here’s Brown’s advice for aspiring football players:

Brown started going bald at just 18-years-old.

I bet this question came from his agent.

Brown loves his music!

All the rookies are looking forward to taking on the Steelers!

Brown is looking forward to playing the Cowboys in the preseason, too.

Jordan Evans

Evans seems like a Philadelphia 76ers fan.

For some reason, someone asked if he was related to Kyle Kuzma. He’s not.

Evans — who signed a four-year contract worth $2,556,520 last season with the Bengals — says he’s broke.

Evans is looking for a girlfriend.

This new Instagram feature is fun! We’ll be sure to share future interesting answers as we see them.