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Andy & Jordan Dalton foundation donates to cancer center in Buffalo with Bills fans’ donations

A final thank you for a thank you. *heart eyes emoji*

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When quarterback Andy Dalton threw a 49-yard touchdown to wide receiver Tyler Boyd on New Year’s Eve last season, it did more than just send the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs for the first time in the 21st century.

Bills fans knew that Dalton and Cincinnati’s season was over despite their heroics, so they made sure they would make their gratitude toward the quarterback count. Just days after the play, thousands upon thousands of donations were sent to the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation, an organization that helps seriously ill or physically challenged children and their families in Cincinnati and Dalton’s hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.

The support from Buffalo was incredulous to the foundation. Now, eight months later, Andy and Jordan decided it was time to return the favor.

Before the Bengals take on the Bills on Sundays afternoon in a Week 3 preseason matchup, the Daltons and the board members of their foundation made an in-person donation to the Roswell Park Cancer Center in downtown Buffalo of what’s said to be more than $450,000.

Included in that donation are iPads and video games for children in the Pediatric Center:

The quarterback and his wife originally announced the news of their foundation’s donation via Twitter:

On Sunday, it was only Jordan who was expected at Roswell Park Cancer Center, but Dalton made an appearance before the game, too.

It’s incredibly rare for a quarterback — or any player — to make an appearance like this on a gameday, even during the preseason.

The Bengals and Bills have been linked together for all of 2018 since the Dalton to Boyd play and Buffalo’s generous actions. Former Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron and center Russell Bodine each signed with the Bills during free agency, while former Bills linebacker Preston Brown chose to sign with his hometown team in Cincinnati.

The Bengals also traded with the Bills for Cordy Glenn in exchange for swapping first-round draft picks and a couple later picks.

Another great thing that happened on Sunday was the man who first pledged $17 to The Dalton’s foundation made it to Buffalo for the Bengals vs. Bills preseason game.

The Dalton’s donation in Buffalo will represent a return of mass appreciation all caused by one play in a football game. So many lives have been and will be bettered since that faithful day, as it just goes to show that when Baltimore loses, everyone else wins.