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Jonathan Brown shines only for Marvin Lewis to say there’s no kicking competition

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Jon Brown had a great game, but Marvin Lewis says there isn’t a competition at that position.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Minicamp Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Brown had a great preseason game against the Cowboys.

The former soccer star made all three of his kicks, including a 55-yard field goal and an extra point. However, it appears the Bengals have no intentions of giving Brown a shot at the job.

That is a very disappointing stance to take at this point. It makes a little sense though. as Randy Bullock only missed two of his 20 field goals last season. He also only missed two of his 33 extra-point attempts. That isn't terrible.

The thing that is frustrating is the team doesn't seem to trust him from 50 yards and beyond. He made his only attempt last year, but it was only one shot. Brown clearly has the leg to make that.

It could be an issue that the team doesn't trust Brown at this point. Bullock was with the team all of last season, and he never really let the team down.

Why they only let Brown kick during their game against the Cowboys if he isn't competing for the job is a head scratcher. The only thing I can think of is maybe they wanted to to showcase him so he had a chance of sticking on another team. You'd think if he played like this go you give him a shot at the job.

When you're coming off a 7-9 season, it is hard to imagine a team could be picky about not letting players compete for your team, but that’s the case with Brown.

Whatever happens, Brown will hopefully do enough in Cincinnati to get a chance with another team, or at least sign to someone’s practice squad. It’s unlikely the Bengals would do this, though it could be a smart move since Bullock becomes a free agent in 2019.

Having a guy like Brown to at least give the team some security could be wise, but we probably shouldn’t expect it.