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Reactions to Bengals’ win over Cowboys in preseason Week 2

The Bengals grabbed their second win of the preseason, but there are still some major areas of concern. We break down what transpired on Saturday night between Cincinnati and Dallas.

NFL preseason Week 2: Bengals defeat Cowboys, 21-13

Posted by Cincy Jungle on Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Bengals traveled south to Dallas after a nice win to open the 2018 preseason. Though the team has disappointed the past two years, fans were optimistic about what they would see against a seemingly-better opponent in the Cowboys.

Unfortunately, what the Bengals gave us on Saturday was a mixed bag. Their vaunted “depth” was on display, as the reserve units scored 21 points, but the starters struggled mightily, taking the bench with a 10-0 deficit.

As with every Bengals game, we took to Facebook for a live video. Aside from our reactions, we take the questions and comments from our followers who tune in.

Among the topics we covered immediately following the game on Saturday evening were:

  • The struggles of the first team units. The offense particularly struggled in multiple facets.
  • The continuing evolution of the right side of the line. Cincinnati’s brain trust needs to do more than just “get by” with who they have.
  • Is the regression seen from week-to-week this preseason a by-product of playing a better opponent on the road, a vanilla game plan, or sights of growing pains from a young, but athletic team?
  • Marvin Lewis claims that there is no kicking competition. After Jonathan Brown’s great night, should he reconsider his position?
  • Even though the first units didn’t play all that well, we should be encouraged by the amount of depth on this team.

You can join us after every game for a live video breakdown of the result on our Facebook page. Otherwise, enjoy the video here and be sure to keep up with us on all of our social media accounts!