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Watch an Australian rugby player discover A.J. Green and Geno Atkins for the first time

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Watching the Bengals’ two best players for the first time is fun. Watching someone else watch the Bengals’ best players for the first time is also pretty neat.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember the first time you watched an incredibly impressive football player?

Maybe it was Carl Pickens or Ken Riley or more recently Chad Johnson, A.J. Green or Geno Atkins.

Australian rugby player Jacob McDonald, an aspiring NFL player who’s looking to break into playing American football, has been going through the footage from NFL Network’s “Top 100 Players of 2018” and reacting as he watches some of the league’s best players for the first time.

That includes A.J. Green and Geno Atkins who once again made the list this year. McDonald is clueless as to who the Bengals are as a franchise, which you’ll see, but very impressed by the team’s two best players.

A.J. Green

Green’s section in the video starts at the 8:14 mark where Brandon LaFell calls out his former teammate as being the best wide receiver in the league.

Geno Atkins

Look at McDonald’s face while watching Geno! He can basically only laugh while marveling at Atkins. “Big fella.”