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What should we expect from the Bengals’ kicker situation in 2018?

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The Bengals have a veteran seemingly ready to take control of the kicking duties once again in 2018. Is it the best route for the team that is in transition, though?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

For a guy who has missed just three field goals in his time with the Bengals, Randy Bullock hasn’t necessarily made a bunch of friends amongst the fan base. Many still remember the sting of his 2016 Christmas Eve miss, while most Who Dey faithful simply want a Queen City version of Justin Tucker.

Still, the team has made due with veteran journeymen kickers, even if it means that accolades and Pro Bowls at the position are a rarity. Bullock seems to have the inside track at the kicking job once again in 2018—just one year after the team opted for his services over that of Jake Elliott.

Comings and goings:

Subtractions: Marshall Koehn

Additions: None

The cast:

Incumbent: Randy Bullock

Wild card: Jonathan Brown

Most indications have Bullock winning the Bengals’ kicking job once again. Brown definitely has talent, but if last year reinforced any beliefs about the team and its head coach, it’s in their preference for tested veterans.

2018 outlook:

There isn’t much else to expand on, in terms of believing in Bullock being the Bengals’ kicker this year. Really, the questions now reside in his ability to be effective and to convert those clutch kicks.

Both guys were given opportunities in the preseason and shined with them. Brown looked like a kicker who could carve out a career somewhere, but it almost certainly won’t be in Cincinnati, especially after Bullock had a strong preseason and training camp, leaving no doubt he’ll remain the guy in 2018.

Even in some of the best statistical years from Shayne Graham and Mike Nugent, their penchant for missing huge kicks is on their resume. Bullock doesn’t have as many dubious moments with the Bengals in one and a half seasons, but it also seems as if this was a position the team could have improved upon this offseason.