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Bengals TE Tyler Eifert reveals why he decided to grow a mullet

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Tyler Eifert drew inspiration from a coach from whom he never played.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Training Camp Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK

As training camp begins, there are many questions surrounding the Cincinnati Bengals.

While Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert’s health has been a question he has tried to put to rest (unsuccessfully) all offseason, he’s posted workout videos on social media. Through that, Eifert also gave fans a preview of his new mullet.

Back to work! #WHODEY

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When Eifert appeared as a guest on the Rich Eisen Show recently, he shed some light on the inspiration behind his “situation”.

The inspiration for his mullet did not come from counrty music singer Billy Ray Cyrus nor did it come from a fictional charector like Joe Dirt. Eifert did not stumble upon the idea for this hairstyle while watching re-runs of Chuck Norris on Walker, Texas Ranger or John Stamos on Full House. He did not even draw his inspiration from fellow athletes like former NFL defensive end Jared Allen or tennis great Andre Agassi.

Accordning to Eifert it was Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy who was his mullet muse.

“Honestly though, Coach Gundy for Oklahoma State, I saw him in a press conference last year and that was, that was honestly who inspired it,” Eifert told Eisen. “It was well groomed and it looked good and I was like, I gotta try that.”

While rocking the mullet, Eifert will be looking to stay off the injury report and on the field in 2018. When Eifert has been healthy he has been one of the league’s elite pass catchers and a red zone favorite of quarterback Andy Dalton. Hopefully this season Eifert will be business on the practice field and partying in the end zone.