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3 observations from Family Dey

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On a hot Saturday afternoon, the Bengals got together for an intrasquad “mock game,” which was definitely not a scrimmage.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Training Camp Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK

Family Dey was on Saturday as the Bengals played their “mock game” in front of the home crowd at Paul Brown Stadium.

This was the only practice of the year inside the stadium as the Bengals had many fun things to do. Aside from football, there were inflatable activities, face painting, balloon animals, and an extended autograph session.

The main focus of the day was the mock game (not a scrimmage) that featured a team in white jerseys (mostly 1st string players) and a team in back jerseys (mostly backups).

If you’re interested in the score, the black jerseys won 10-6 thanks to a nearly 60-yard touchdown from Jeff Driskel to Kermit Whitfield.

As the score would indicate, the game was dictated by the defense.

The teams were constantly shuffling

There was not much of a base offense or defense for most of the day. The offensive line and most of the defense were different after almost every drive.

Bobby Hart and Trey Hopkins started on the right side of the line on the first drive for the white jerseys, but they worked in Jake Fisher, Alex Redmond, and even Cedric Ogbuehi who began the day wearing a black jersey. At one point or another, Fisher was playing both tackle spots, Redmond both guard spots, and Hopkins even played some center.

On the defensive side of the ball, Jessie Bates didn’t start but shared playing time almost evenly with George Iloka and Shawn Williams at safety. The top three corners, William Jackson, Dre Kirkpatrick, and Darqueze Dennard all split boundary duty fairly evenly as well. Vincent Rey was sprinkled in at different linebacker spots as well.

Part of this probably had to do with the weather heating up to 93 degrees on Saturday afternoon. But it is also likely that the Bengals have already decided who their starters are so they just wanted everyone to get extra reps just in case.

The wide receiver hierarchy is forming

A.J. Green had some dazzling catches to remind us that he is still A.J. Green. He was taken out of the game early so that the other receivers could get more catches. When he left, we got to see how the rest of the group breaks down.

Tyler Boyd had a huge day working out of the slot. In my unofficial estimation, he had more catches than anyone else. John Ross also played a big role for the white jerseys despite having one really bad drop in the end zone.

During the season, Green will lead the team in catches again, followed by Boyd and then Ross.

We are still not sure how things will shake out between Cody Core, Alex Erickson, Josh Malone, and Auden Tate.

Core played for the white jerseys while Erickson started the game in black, so it appears that Core has the slight edge over Erickson. To complicate things, though, Erickson switched teams after a getting two catches and a third-down conversion in the black jersey’s opening drive that led to a field goal.

Malone and Tate didn’t play due to injuries, but it will be interesting to see these four pitted against each other when everyone is healthy next week.

It's possible that they all four make the team this year now that LaFell’s roster spot is vacant.

If all seven of the above-mentioned receiver’s make the team, it would be a pretty fun group.

Tra Carson had a day

Running back Tra Carson has been fighting for a roster spot for three years now, but has had his share of obstacles. But he is thinking that 2018 is the year he finally breaks through.

He played in a white jersey after Joe Mixon’s day was done. Carson was used in a variety of situations, from running to passing. He showed his speed by taking a pass around the edge and into the end zone (which was called back after he was “touched”).

He also showed his toughness by getting tough yards in between the tackles. Carson will have to excel at special teams to make the roster, but he has a solid chance of making it now.

Between Carson, Jarveon Williams, and Quinton Flowers, the Bengals will give the nod to Carson if they want a fourth running back.

The Bengals will have an off day tomorrow as the prepare for their preseason game on Thursday. The next open practice will be on Monday, August 6th at 3:00 pm.