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Cincinnati Bengals training camp: Live updates from Day 10

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Follow along for updates straight from Bengals training camp as they prepare for their preseason opener.

The Bengals are now in a game week as they’re set to hit the practice field for Day 10 of training camp.

Thursday will see Cincinnati play host to the Chicago Bears in a real, live-action football game, as if you needed any more reason to be excited. Today is the third-to-last training camp session, as the team will practice again on Tuesday and Sunday, then that’s it.

So, if you want to attend camp, you’ve only got three more chances to do so. Please note that today’s practice begins at the normal time of 3:00 EST and is expected to run through 4:45.

Follow along via the Twitter list below for updates straight from the field and we’ll have more during and after practice, so stay tuned to!

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