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Bengals CB William Jackson misses his pig; yes, he has a pet pig

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Despite having a great camp, Jackson wishes he could be with his pig

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NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Training Camp Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After injury prevented him from competing as a rookie, Bengals cornerback William Jackson is coming off what Pro Football Focus has dubbed a fantastic season in his second year in the NFL. Jackson has continued to look impressive throughout camp even against a group of Bengals’ wide receivers that seems poised to take the NFL by storm. Despite the fact that Jackson is having a great camp, there is something wrong.

“I miss my pig. She should be here with me,” he said.

While NFL players buy all sorts of crazy and extravagant thing, fellow Bengals defensive back Josh Shaw told Shannon Russell of the Athletic, Jackson is “just different like that.”

“I thought it would be dope to own a pig,” Jackson told the Cincinnati Enquirer. The Bengals cornerback rides horses and has had dogs, and that type of family pet is what his pig Annabelle is for him.

“She’s potty-trained. She’s a dog,” Jackson said. “We go on walks quite a bit when I’m at home (in Houston).”

It is only natural for someone to miss their pet, and when Jackson was wishing his pig was in Cincinnati beside him he took to Twitter, to see if a nice fan would help make that a possibility.

The response to this tweet was overwhelmingly positive.

“A lot of people volunteered to go get her, actually,” Jackson said. “People actually love the pig more than you would think.”

Jackson’s unusual pet makes him even more likable to Bengals fans who loved his play in 2017. He will look to build on last season’s success this year all with the loving support of his best friend, Annabelle the pig.

“She ain’t bacon to me,” Jackson said. “I still eat bacon, though. She doesn’t know.”