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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: 8/8 livestream

On this week’s episode, we preview the Bengals’ first game of the preseason, recap our interview with Anthony Munoz and take your questions on the air!

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It’s an exciting time for the Cincinnati Bengals and their fans right now. The team has shown marked improvement this year, as compared to previous training camps and they are set to face-off against the Chicago Bears on Thursday night.

On this week’s episode, we will be previewing the team’s first in-game action of 2018 and talk about what we will be looking for on Thursday night. We’ll also be taking your questions on the air, so you can shoot them to us in the comment section here, in the live YouTube chat via the above-embedded video, on Twitter @BengalsOBI, or through our new jungle line at (949) 542-6241 later in the program.

We also had a special interview with Hall of Fame tackle, Anthony Munoz, and he gave his take on the 2018 Bengals squad. It was a perfect time to speak with him, given the recent festivities in Canton, as well his calling the first preseason game as the team’s analyst this week.

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