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The Bengals had an 80s themed party ahead of roster cuts and the costumes were AWESOME

Fresh off a massive contract extension, Carlos Dunlap hosted an 80s themed team party for the Bengals on Friday night.

For the second year in a row, Carlos Dunlap hosted a party for the Bengals players ahead of the roster cut deadline.

This year’s theme was “the 80s” and the players did not disappoint, going all out with their costumes and props.

Dunlap got the DeLorean Time Machine from “Back to the Future” for the party.


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And it wasn’t just for show! The car actually was driven on Friday night by Bengals players.

Check out A.J. Green and his wife Miranda dancing around in their home before showing up at the party.

Here’s Dunlap and Vincent Rey. Rey was singing and dancing all night long. It looks like his ankle is just fine.

LOOK AT ANDY DALTON! Seriously. Andy and J.J. are awesome.

Another look at the car...

Tyler Eifert had one of the best outfits at the party.

Kevin Huber’s wasn’t far behind though. Perfectly 80s!

Giovani Bernard and his fiance dressed to impress...

Group shot!

Another guy fresh off a contract extension, Geno Atkins and his wife brought a prop along... Also, that fanny pack is perfect.

Group picture!

And the other half of that picture...

Dre Kirkpatrick had a colorful outfit, too.

Fresh off getting engaged earlier in the day, Randy Bullock and his new fiancé were rocking some interesting fashion statements. THAT WIG!

Chris Okoye participated in the singing portion of the evening.

Preston Brown’s position mates loved his look.

Clint and Kelly Boling also had great outfits!

But I’m really not over Dalton.

Today is going to be a hard day for many Bengals players as the team trims the roster down to just 53 players. But ahead of what will be a sad day for many, the team had a ton of fun on Friday night.