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Bengals vs Ravens: Madden simulation

We simulated the Bengals vs. Ravens in Madden to try and predict the outcome of the teams’ Week 2 game.

Bengals vs Ravens highlights

The Bengals are playing in a Week 2 game against the Ravens to take an early lead in the AFC North. With that in mind, this game could have season-long repercussions in terms of making the playoffs. With Baltimore cornerback Jimmy Smith suspended, the Bengals need to take advantage of this opportunity and win the matchup to take first place in the division. The Ravens have a good defense, but it has its weaknesses and the offense—despite the insane output in Week 1—is not something to be afraid of.

So, how does Madden predict this game will play out? Let’s take to our game simulation to find out.

The Ravens receive the ball to start the game and are unable to get much offense going. Eventually the Bengals get the ball and start to march down the field. They take a lot of time off the clock and when they get down to the red zone Andy Dalton finds the team’s best player in A.J. Green on a slant route for the touchdown. The Bengals take a 7-0 lead.

AJ Green touchdown catch

After the successful drive for the Bengals, neither team is able to cross the fifty yard line for the rest of the half. The score going into halftime is a boring 7-0, with the Bengals in the lead. After the half the Bengals and Ravens both have drives that don’t get very far, but after the Ravens punt to the Bengals again, Cincinnati finally is able to get some offense going and ends up taking a field goal.

First field goal

(Note: The score says 8-0, but it’s a glitch in the game of it adding an additional point for a few seconds before correcting.)

After the two minute warning Joe Flacco is trying to lead his team on a comeback attempt, down two scores. However, that dream is quickly crushed as Preston Brown is able to make the interception; Brown grabbed an INT in the Bengals’ actual season opener on Sunday in Indianapolis. The Bengals are able to mostly run out the clock and end up taking a final field goal as time expires, due to the fact the game clock had more time than the play clock.

Field goal as time expired

The Bengals defense will need to clamp down to win this game against a talented Ravens defense. On top of that, the Bengals will have to scheme around their weakness at right tackle, especially considering how much better the Ravens pass rushers are than the Colts. If the Bengals are to win this game it will likely be a low-scoring affair. The offense got the rust off in Week 1, and should be ready to show the world how much of an explosive threat they possess.

Final score

Madden 2018 prediction record: 0-1