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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Primetime, nevermore

On this week’s episode, the OBI crew dissects the Bengals’ Week 1 win over the Colts, while diving into the massive AFC North matchup on Thursday Night Football against the Ravens.

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It’s been a big week for the Cincinnati Bengals, as they beat the Indianapolis Colts and now get set to take on a division rival in primetime. Will they be able to step up to the challenge?

Bill Lericos from SB Nation’s Baltimore Beatdown joined us to preview the huge Thursday Night Football contest. Along with his appearance, we had a lot on the docket this week, including the following:

  • Was the Ravens’ win over the Bills a by-product of Baltimore being truly dominant, Buffalo looking to struggle in 2018, or both?
  • What’s the confidence level in Joe Flacco right now?
  • From a Ravens perspective, how do those surrounding the franchise view the Bengals at this point?
  • Was the Bengals’ win over the Colts nothing more than fool’s gold?
  • How did Cincinnati’s trench players perform this week?
  • Our listeners want to know if Marvin Lewis has learned some lessons after 15 years and has bought into halftime adjustments and much more!

Our thanks to SB Nation and Vox Media for allowing us to be a part of their network, and our gratitude to our listeners who tuned in live and chimed in with their questions!

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