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Madden simulation: Bengals at Panthers could come down to the wire

We simulated the Bengals vs. Panthers game in Madden to try and predict the winner of the Week 3 game in Carolina.

Bengals vs Panthers highlights

The Bengals have gotten off to a very hot start for the 2018 season, going 2-0 with 34 points in each game so far. The offense and defense have both had clutch plays to help get the Bengals those first two wins. The Bengals have a tough two game stretch against NFC South opponents in Weeks 3 and 4. However, with how well the team has been playing, it is not crazy to say the Bengals could win both and stay undefeated. Cincinnati needs to keep their offense as strong as it has been and keep the foot on the pedal into the second half.

How this game plays out is anyone’s guess, so we took to Madden to simulate the Bengals vs. Panthers Week 3 matchup in Carolina. Let’s see how it goes!

The Panthers start with the ball and the Bengals kickoff. The Panthers are unable to get much going and that starts a long period of offensive failures. Each team goes three and out multiple times, struggling to get first downs. Eventually with four minutes left in the half, the Panthers get the ball and are able to string together some first downs. The Bengals stop them and the Panthers have to settle for a field goal, which they make.

Panthers first field goal

The Bengals receive the ball and are finally able to get something going on offense. They drive all the way down the field and get in a goal to go situation, but are unable to punch it into the endzone. They have to settle for the field goal with little time left in the second quarter.

Bengals tie it up before half

The Bengals receive the ball after halftime and are able to quickly drive down the field, getting just past the 50 yard line. From there Dalton is able to hit Eifert who outruns the defenders all the way down the field for the touchdown to take the lead.

Tyler Eifert touchdown

The Panthers receive the kickoff and start driving down the field. They are eating up a lot of time by running the ball. Eventually after the Panthers get inside the red zone the Bengals lock them down and they have to kick the field goal, bringing the score to 10-6 with Cincy leading.

Panthers field goal

After the Bengals get the ball back, they are able to get a drive going, but stall out at the 50-yard line and are forced to punt. The Panthers get the ball back and start another long, grinding drive. With a long completion to Devin Funchess they get inside the 10-yard line and on first and goal Torrey Smith is hit for the touchdown.

Torrey Smith touchdown

The Bengals get the ball back and drive down the field, needing a field goal to tie. The Bengals get stopped at the 34-yard line and put their trust in Randy Bullock’s leg, which he rewards them with by draining the kick and sending the game into overtime.

Bullock tying field goal

Uh, oh... Not this again. Remember the last time the Bengals and Panthers played (in real life)? It ended in a tie.

The Panthers get the ball to start overtime and start hot by converting a pair of third downs. However, their drive stalls and they are forced to take a field goal.

Panthers overtime field goal

The Bengals get the ball and need a field goal to not lose. They start driving down the field, but end up with a 4th-and-5 outside of field goal range. Tyler Boyd runs a short out route and Andy Dalton hits him in stride, but he is hit before he is able to cross the first down marker, resulting in a heart breaking loss for the Bengals.

Final score

Madden simulated a close, overtime win for the Panthers, 16-13.

Madden 2018 prediction record: 1-1