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Bengals vs. Falcons Madden simulation predicts an ugly game in Atlanta

We simulated the Falcons vs. Bengals matchup in Madden to try and predict the result of Sunday’s game. It’s not a pretty one.

Bengals at Falcons highlights

A common football thought is that an NFL team simply has to go 3-1 each quarter of the season and then they finish the year 12-4. The Bengals are currently sitting at 2-1 with a chance to start the season at 3-1 with a game against the Falcons on Sunday. The Bengals are still in the lead in the AFC North with their destiny firmly in their own hands and they need to show that they are a real competitor this year.

So, how does Madden NFL predict the Bengals vs. Falcons Week 4 matchup to go down? Let’s take to the game to simulate Sunday’s matchup.

The Bengals start with the ball and get off to a quick start with a 20 yard pass to John Ross. They march down the field easily, but end up stalling in the red zone where they settle for a field goal.

Bengals first field goal

The Falcons get the ball and are moving the ball well on the ground, getting multiple first downs. On first down after they cross midfield, the Falcons go for a pass, but it is tipped and picked off by Nick Vigil. The Bengals move the ball well and get into field goal range, but on a short pass to Giovani Bernard he is laid out and fumbles the ball and the Falcons pick it up.

Giovani Bernard fumble

The Falcons are unable to get the drive going and the Bengals get the ball back. After another first down Andy Dalton throws an interception giving the Falcons the ball again. The Falcons slowly drive down the field running a lot of time off the clock, but end up stalling in the red zone and settle for a field goal.

Falcons first field goal

The Bengals get the ball and go three and out with just under two minutes left in the half. The Falcons take the ball and march down the field getting another field goal with 20 seconds left in the half.

Falcons second field goal for the lead

The Bengals get the ball back and instead of running out the clock like they often do, they pass it four times and give the Falcons the ball back on their own 32. The Falcons get the ball back with one second left and make the field goal, increasing their lead to 9-3 before halftime.

Falcons field goal as time expires at the half

The Falcons have a long drive coming out of halftime where they succeed at running a lot of time off the clock. They get down to a goal to go situation where William Jackson makes a great play on the ball to get the interception. On the Bengals’ first offensive play from the one yard line they hand the ball off to Joe Mixon who gets tackled for a safety.

Joe Mixon tackled for a safety

The Falcons get the ball and slowly drive down the field before settling for another field goal.

Falcons field goal to make it 14-3

The Bengals get the ball back and start to drive down the field, but end up in a third-and-12 situation where Andy Dalton ends up throwing an interception. The Falcons then go three and out and have to settle for the field goal to take it to 17-3.

Falcons fifth field goal of the game

The Bengals get the ball back and start a drive to bring themselves back into the game. After they pass the 50-yard line, Dalton throws yet another interception and the Bengals never touch the ball again as they fall to the Falcons 17-3.

Final stats

Madden 2018 prediction record: 2-1

Final score