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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Sharpening the claws

SB Nation’s Jeanna Thomas joins the OBI crew to preview the Bengals’ upcoming matchup against the Falcons this week! We also discuss the loss to the Panthers, the criticism surrounding John Ross and some very intriguing listener questions!

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The Cincinnati Bengals are regrouping after a tough loss to the Carolina Panthers and have their eyes set on the Atlanta Falcons. It’s a second-straight difficult road test for them, but if they can get to 3-1 this first month, it will set them up well for the rest of the season.

To help us preview the Bengals’ upcoming Week 4 clash against the Falcons, Jeanna Thomas of SBNation and The Falcoholic joined us for some inside perspective. Along with our chat with her, we had a jam-packed show.

  • The Falcons are banged up, as are the Bengals, but the severity of the injuries differ. What should we expect from Atlanta this week, in terms of player replacements?
  • How great is Grady Jarrett and what’s his value to the Falcons?
  • Will Falcons offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian draw up some creative ways to move Julio Jones around on offense?
  • What was the biggest facet in the Bengals’ loss to Carolina?
  • There’s been a lot of talk with John Ross this week. Is it time to panic, or should we continue to exercise more patience?
  • What do we make of Dre Kirkpatrick’s first three games of the season?

And much more!

Our thanks to Jeanna Thomas for some great insight as we head into Week 4! Thank you also to all of the live listeners—especially those who submitted questions!

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