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Bengals WR John Ross suffered groin injury on touchdown grab vs. Falcons

The Bengals receiver missed the most important drive of the game with an injury he suffered earlier.

Cincinnati Bengals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

After a week of constant criticism, John Ross showed up ready to play today.

Tyler Boyd and A.J. Green lead the way in the passing game, but Ross made the most of what he was given. Ross hauled in both of his two targets for 52 yards, including his second touchdown of the year.

Unfortunately, he pulled a muscle in his left leg during his touchdown.

The injury didn’t keep him out for the game until the final drive of the game.

Ross toughed it out for two-plus quarters following his 39-yard score in the middle of the second quarter, but just couldn’t finish the game because of the injury. The offense had little trouble moving the ball throughout the first half, but struggled to finish drives in the second half, when Ross was playing through pain.

This was definitely a game Ross needed to boost his confidence going forward and silence some of his doubters. It’s a shame he could be dealing with another nagging injury right when he seemed to get back on track, but it shouldn’t be anything serious if he played nearly the entire game after it happened.

With the way Tyler Boyd continued to shine on third down, it’s clear that he’s Dalton second option after A.J. Green and with Tyler Eifert presumably out for a long time, Boyd could see even more targets come his way. This may or may not change Ross’ involvement with Eifert out, but this game definitely bumped Ross’ stock. Hopefully his injury is just a minor one.