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Bengals show support for Tyler Eifert following season-ending injury

“He is one of those guys who is always there for everybody, and it is one of those situations when you wish you could do something.”

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Bengals scored a big win over the Falcons, but they also suffered a painful loss in the form of Tyler Eifert.

After catching a touchdown earlier in the game, Eifert suffered a broken ankle in the second half that will end his season after just four games. It was heartbreaking situation to watch unfold, as Eifert had worked tirelessly to get back on the field after ankle and back injuries cost him much of the past two years.

After the game, several Bengals voiced their support for their fallen comrade.

“Obviously, you hate to see it for him, especially with a guy who’s gone through so much,” said Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. “To have something freak happen like that, it’s tough. You have to keep playing and that’s what I said in the huddle. I was basically just like obviously it sucks for him, but we can’t let that get to us. We’ve got to keep going. I think our guys played really well today.”

Running back Giovani Bernard knows all too well what it’s like to go through the long and painful rehab process from a major injury. Twice, Bernard has suffered a torn ACL between his college and NFL career.

“It’s tough. We play this sport and there are just some people who don’t deserve something like that to happen and he’s gone through a lot,” said Bernard. “He is one of those guys who is always there for everybody, and it is one of those situations when you wish you could do something. But there is really not much as a teammate or a friend I can do for him right now except just be there for him.”

Head coach Marvin Lewis hated to see the injury, but he knows this is a next-man-up league.

“These guys understand that a guy gets hurt we have to go back out there and focus,” said Lewis. “It’s a shame that Tyler got hurt, we are all heartfelt for him but we have to move forward.”

One player who stepped up in a big way with Eifert out was actually another Tyler.

“We were still talking. Andy [Dalton] said, ‘C’mon guys we’ve got to win it for him. We’ve got to continue to march it and continue to keep fighting,’” said receiver Tyler Boyd. “It’s a whole bunch of leaders in our offensive group. We don’t wait for one guy to say it. We all know, we all stick among each other, and we get the job done.”

Several current and former Bengals players sent their prayers and well wishes for Eifert on Twitter after the game: