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NFL Week 1 Bengals at Colts: Madden simulation predicts tough loss for Cincinnati

We simulated the Bengals vs Colts in Madden to try and predict the winner of the game

The Bengals play the Colts on Sunday for the second week in a row, although this game couldn’t be more different than the last. The Bengals’ starters and especially their offensive line need to get off to a strong start this season and they couldn’t have asked for a better opponent than a Colts defense that struggles to cover and generate a pass rush. Even so, the Bengals need to keep Dalton from being sacked to win this Week 1 game in Indianapolis.

We’re going to Madden once again to simulate the Bengals’ Week 1 matchup with the Colts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The Colts start off with the ball and get a decent drive going with a pair of third down conversions. On second and eight the Bengals’ pass rush is unable to pressure Luck and he is able to hit Chester Rogers downfield for a long touchdown; the Colts take the early lead, 7-0.

Chester Rogers touchdown

The Bengals quickly go three and out and the Colts get the ball back. After a miraculous tipped pass caught by Rogers, the Bengals clamp down and the Colts have to settle for a field goal, taking the 10-0 lead.

The field goal is good

The Bengals are finally able to get some offense going and march down the field. They drive into enemy territory, but then give up a sack pushing it back to second-and-17. The protection holds up and Dalton is able to hit Boyd for a long touchdown, bringing the score to 10-7.

Tyler Boyd touchdown catch

The Bengals have the ball back with under two minutes in the half, but Andy Dalton misses the Colts’ linebacker in coverage and throws an interception. The Colts get great field position and quickly convert that into points on a short throw to Ryan Grant. The Colts take a 17-7 lead into halftime.

Ryan Grant touchdown

At the start of the second half, the Bengals quickly go three and out and the Colts get the ball. On first-and-10 Andrew Luck takes a deep shot down the field to T.Y. Hilton and the safety is not able to get there in time. The Colts get the long touchdown, and take a 24-7 lead.

TY Hilton long touchdown

After that, no one is able to score for awhile as both defenses clamp down. Eventually toward the end of the third, the Bengals get a drive going and at the start of the fourth quarter Cincinnati is able to punch it in on a touchdown pass to Tyler Eifert. They bring the score closer at 24-14.

Tyler Eifert touchdown

However, that is the last time either team will score as both defenses finish the game strong. The final score is 24-14 and the Colts win.

Luckily, the Bengals and Colts will actually play the game on Sunday and hopefully prove Madden wrong with a Cincinnati victory.

Final score

Who Dey!