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Bengals 2018 pronunciation guide: How to pronounce difficult names on the roster

Does Bill Lazor rhyme with sore? No, no it doesn’t. Read this to learn the correct pronunciation of Bengals players and coaches’ names.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Training Camp Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODAY NE

Every year we laugh at football announcers who mispronounce the names of players on the Bengals’ roster. But it’s not limited to players, coaches’ names are mispronounced, too.

Is Bill Lazor pronounced like “laser” or does Lazor rhyme with sore? Well, we have the answers you — and broadcasters across the country — are looking for.

Here is your Cincinnati Bengals 2018 pronunciation guide.


Geno Atkins: JEE-no

Giovani Bernard: jee-o-VAHN-ee

Randy Bullock: BULL-luck

Vontaze Burfict: VONN-tez BER-fict (rhymes with “perfect”)

Tra Carson: tray

Darqueze Dennard: dar-KWEZ deh-NARD

Tyler Eifert: IE(rhymes with “tie”)-fert

Clayton Fejedelem: FEDGE-uh-lemm (the “d” is silent)

Ryan Glasgow: GLASS-go

Malik Jefferson: muh-LEEK

Dre Kirkpatrick: DRAY

Cedric Ogbuehi: o-BWAY-hee

Vincent Rey: RAY

Josh Tupou: TEW-po

C.J. Uzomah: yew-ZAH-mah

Practice squad

KeiVarae Russell: kee-VAR-ay

Moritz Böhringer: BOAR-ringer


Davontae Harris: duh-VAHN-tay

Trayvon Henderson: TRAY-vahn

Cethan Carter: SEE-thin

Chris Okoye: o-KOY-yay


Teryl Austin (Defensive Coordinator): TAIR-ell

Bill Lazor (offensive coordinator):pronounced as “laser”

Jim Haslett (linebackers coach): HAZ-lett

Daronte Jones (secondary/cornerbacks coach): duh-RAHN-tay

Matt Raich (defensive assistant/assistant defensive line coach): RAYCH