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NFL Week 1 TV coverage map: Vikings vs. 49ers and Texans vs. Patriots highlight early slate

A look at how the country will be watching NFL football in Week 1 based on their region.

Arizona Cardinals v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The Bengals and Colts will kick off as part of the early slate of games on Sunday.

As usual, there’s a pretty big imbalance between the number of early vs. late games in Week 1, so the Bengals will be crunched in with a lot of other tantalizing matchups.

In terms of the CBS slate of early action, most of the country will get to see the Patriots host the Texans in a rematch of last year’s classic shootout between Tom Brady and Deshaun Watson.

A good amount of the northeast region in and around Ohio will be stuck with Steelers vs. Browns. Less than half of Ohio will get Bengals vs. Colts.

If you’re checking out the FOX slate, most of the country will be treated to 49ers vs. Vikings in the early slate, including most of Ohio.

In terms of the late games, most of the country will get to watch Cowboys vs. Panthers: