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Shawn Williams gives big thank you hug to Bengals MVP Clayton Fejedelem

The only reason Fejedelem was in a position to make the Bengals’ game-winning play was because Williams was ejected from the game.

Detroit Lions v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

With 3 minutes and 10 seconds remaining in the first quarter of the Bengals vs. Colts Week 1 game, starting safety Shawn Williams was ejected from the game due to an unnecessary hit on Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck.

In came Clayton Fejedelem, the Bengals’ special teams ace, to replace him.

That wasn’t really good news for the Bengals at the time, but it turned into a major blessing. With the Colts charging down the field attempting to take back the lead with less than one minute remaining in the game, Fejedelem forced a fumble, recovered it and ran it EIGHTY THREE YARDS back for the Bengals touchdown.

It was as exciting of a moment as you can see in a Week 1 game. It ensured the Bengals’ win and got the team to 1-0. The backup safety displayed some quick thinking, impressive playmaking and was set on winning the Bengals that game.

And to think, if Williams wasn’t ejected, Fejedelem likely would not have been in the game at the time of the play.

After the game was over, Williams was quick to greet his position mate outside of the locker room and thank him for his service. Williams had been watching the game nearby the locker room after getting ejected.

Fejedelem is the Bengals’ Week 1 MVP.

Let’s all thank him together.