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What they’re saying about Zac Taylor reportedly being the next Bengals head coach

There are some pretty interesting takes on the Bengals’ possible new coach.

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals are reportedly leaning towards making Zac Taylor the teams new head coach.

Taylor is currently still the Rams’ quarterbacks coach in the NFL playoffs, so no official announcement can be made, but the media has still been reacting to the hire since it was announced Thursday evening.

Here are some of the most interesting thoughts on the Bengals planning to make Taylor the team’s first new head coach in 16 seasons.

Here are some instant reactions by Cincinnati writers:

For once, the Bengals may want their head coach to lose in the playoffs

It’s ironic that a franchise that hasn’t been able to take the next step in the postseason for 28 seasons will be waiting on the outcome of a playoff game Saturday to take the next step toward its future.

Mo Egger of ESPN 1530 is a little skeptical of the hire, in part because Taylor’s stint as the Cincinnati Bearcats’ offensive coordinator was one to forget. However, this is still a great move compared to keeping Marvin Lewis or hiring Hue Jackson:

And as someone who watched every snap of Taylor’s offense at UC in 2016, I can’t help but think of how uninspiring the Bearcats were during that miserable season, even if we all admit that the program had started to trend downward way before Taylor arrived in Clifton and that he was instantly handicapped by factors beyond his control.

How did Zac Taylor go from someone that most UC fans couldn’t wait to move on from to someone Bengals fans are being asked to put faith in?

Again, I’m curious.

Here’s what I’m far more certain of: The Bengals have done what we asked, even if they did it a little later than we’d wished. They fired Marvin. They didn’t hire Hue, at least to be their head coach. They’ve hired from outside, they’ve done something a little daring, and they followed the often-prescribed plan of getting a young coach with and offensive background.

These are good things, even if I’m not entirely sure they’ll ultimately result in producing drastically better results.

I am sure of one thing, however. The Bengals with Zac Taylor are more interesting than anything the Bengals have been in nearly three years. They’re a million times more interesting with Taylor than they would’ve been under Hue Jackson, and they’re seven trillion times more interesting than they would’ve been had Marvin gotten a 17th season.

What did a former coach who hired Taylor have to say?

Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer also thinks Taylor needs to hire a strong group of veteran assistant coaches around him:

Exceptional assistant coaches. Respected coordinators, with deep ties around the league and sharp eyes for talent. Leaders in the locker room who will toe his line and sell his message. Taylor doesn’t arrive wearing a crown of earned respect. He has players very close to his age.

Marvin Lewis was a first-time head coach, but he’d already made his bones in the NFL. Lewis came in with a presence.

It’s time to understand that Sean McVay is exceptional and that some of his gifts aren’t transferable simply by association. “Coaching trees’’ are reserved for coaches who have been around longer than a couple seasons.

Andy Reid has one. Bill Belichick (even as his tree includes Charlie Weis and Eric Mangini). Bill Parcells. Bill Walsh. Tom Landry, for all you OGs out there.

Not Sean McVay. Not yet.

Here is what the national media is saying:

SB Nation wasn’t too high on the Bengals hiring Taylor:

Grade: C+. Taylor’s highest position in the NFL was an interim OC for the Dolphins in 2015. So this is a pretty big leap for him — and for the Bengals. Maybe it’ll work out. Maybe it won’t. But the Bengals are trying something new, and we’re here for it.

The Bengals Took the ‘Next Sean McVay’ Thing a Little Too Seriously

Taylor is only 35 years old, which is just four years older than the Bengals’ current quarterback, Andy Dalton. McVay, who is just 32, has shown that millennials can be fine head football coaches, but where McVay was an offensive coordinator for three seasons before getting the Rams job, Taylor has spent this season as the Rams’ quarterback coach. Before that he was the team’s assistant wide receivers coach. Not even the actual wide receivers coach—the assistant wide receivers coach.

What are your thoughts on the hire?