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You need to read this piece on Zac Taylor and his brother

Perhaps we could see both Taylors in Cincinnati.

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

All indications are the Bengals are poised to hire Zac Taylor as the franchise’s next head coach.

Taylor, who is currently the quarterbacks coach of the Rams, is believed to be one of the NFL’s young rising stars. Even though he’s got limited experience outside of position coaching gigs, there’s a belief that Taylor could be the first major hire from the Sean McVay coaching tree.

After all, McVay is already regarded as one of the best offensive minds in football. Sure, it’s going to be hard for Taylor or any coach to replicate what McVay is doing, but there’s reason to believe there’s a bright future ahead for Taylor.

But Taylor isn’t the only one in his family that’s rising up the coaching ranks. In early December, Sports Illustrated did an in-depth piece on Zac and his brother, Press Taylor, brothers and how they’re viewed as rising stars in this league.

McVay is effusive in his praise of Taylor. “He’s instrumental in our third-down game-planning. And he doesn’t just agree with everything, he challenges you but in a way that’s very welcoming. Sometimes in the NFL disagreements can be uncomfortable in a staff meeting, but not here. There’s a refreshing security that Zac has in himself. He has great emotional intelligence and awareness for how to communicate in a way that makes peoples’ guards go down. That’s a great trait for a coach to have.”

NFL reporter Peter Schrager also singled out Zac as a head-coaching candidate back in September:

With Zac set to become the Bengals’ head coach, it’s fair to wonder if Press, currently the quarterbacks coach of the Eagles, will join his brother in Cincinnati. He too has drawn strong praise from his current head coach and former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich, who should win NFL Coach of the Year honors with the Colts.

Under Pederson, Press’s reputation quickly blossomed. Prior to Super Bowl LIII, Eagles offensive coordinator (and now Colts head coach) Frank Reich told reporters “Press is a rising star.” After the Super Bowl, Press drew national attention for being the one who suggested they install the trick play ‘Philly Special,’ which he’d seen in a meaningless 2016 Bears-Vikings regular-season finale and had added to his vault of trick plays. (Eagles coaches refer to it as “Press’s vault.”) He is admired for his meticulous organization and attention to detail. And as a teacher, Press has a unique gift for articulating the finest details of any concept and seamlessly fitting them into the big-picture perspective.

With Zac seemingly in the market for his first offensive coordinator, he may be giving a call to his brother to see if he’s interested.

Be sure to read the entire piece.