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Quarterback prospect Dwayne Haskins posts image of him in a Bengals jersey

Dwayne Haskins gives fans a glimpse of what it could look like if he ends up in Cincinnati.

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Northwestern Mutual - Washington v Ohio State Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Dwayne Haskins is viewed as the early favorite to be the first quarterback taken off the board of the 2019 draft. He appears to be doing some self promoting as well with his Instagram, as he posted several images with him edited into NFL jerseys.

The first one he posted had him representing the Bengals.

Haskins also posted edits with teams like the Dolphins, Jaguars, Washington, Buccaneers and Giants. He tagged first round center Billy Price in the Bengals one, likely due to the fact the two know each other from their time at Ohio State together.

This kind of thing really hasn’t happened very often with top quarterbacks in the draft, but we are starting to see anew generation of players enter the league who have grown up in a generation where social media was more of a thing as they were growing up.

This isn’t that big of a deal outside of Haskins viewing the Bengals as a possible destination. Cincinnati owns the 11th pick of the draft, and they are the Ohio team that is more likely to end up taking a chance on him. The odds of Haskins ending up making trek from Columbus to Cincinnati seems slim. The Bengals aren’t known for moving up in the draft, and with Andy Dalton still under contract, it unlikely their first pick in 2019 will be used to bring in competition at quarterback. It also looks like Haskins is a near-lock to go in the top 10.

Haskins completed his first season as a full-time starting quarterback this year for the Buckeyes. He had 50 touchdowns and eight interceptions on the season as a redshirt Sophomore. Haskins also threw for 4831 yards with a completion percentage of 70. Those are impressive numbers by all accounts, but he will still carry the tag of a one-year wonder going into the draft.

Haskins was instantly vaulted into the top quarterback prospect slot after Oregon’s quarterback, Justin Herbert, opted to return to school rather than enter the NFL draft. It was a move that most draft experts didn’t anticipate, but Haskins was still being viewed as a first-round quarterback prior to that decision anyway.

It is nice that Haskins included the Bengals in this display, but it shouldn’t get fans to start going out and getting their Haskins Bengals’ jerseys anytime soon. Of course with the Bengals head coaching seemingly over with Zac Taylor the next man up, we still don’t know if the new head coach has different plans with what to do at quarterback.

Either way, there are likely plenty of Bengals fans hoping Haskins doesn’t have to go into Photoshop in order to get a picture in a Bengals jersey next season.