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Don’t be too quick to judge the Bengals hiring Zac Taylor

History shows us that outside views on head coaching hires can be dead wrong.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While most fans are ecstatic to be in the post-Marvin Lewis era, some have been critical of their top choice Zac Taylor.

Lewis has been the safe option for Mike Brown’s team for years, but Bengals fans are sick of mediocrity, and Brown got the message. In order to have a break through, they have to take risks. Taylor is the pinnacle of risks, whereas with some other candidates come with more seasoned experiences.

The Los Angeles Rams’ previous head coach was a man associated so much with mediocrity, that many have dubbed August 8th (8-8) as Jeff Fisher day. Replacing him with McVay changed all that overnight for the Rams and the Bengals are hoping that the McVay-disciple, Taylor, does the same for them.

But McVay has not reached the promised land yet. The true gold standard (at least for the next few weeks) of modern head coach hirings has to be Doug Pederson. Pederson was not a popular hire at the time which just goes to show, we really don’t know. Without being in the room, it is difficult to see what assistant coaches do and who can translate best to a head coaching position.

If you are angry with the potential hire of Zac Taylor, take a look at these reactions to the hiring of Doug Pederson less than two years before he would bring a Lombardi trophy to Philadelphia.

A year later, McVay was hired by the Rams and got the same reception as Pederson did. Just read the thread of this tweet:

Future outlooks of head coaches are even harder to predict than draft picks. Most people can decipher whether or not a player is good at football, but they just see the results of a coaches work and don’t know the intricacies of how it came to pass, or the full responsibilities of assistant coaches. It’s not a slight, it’s simply the truth.

You’re welcome to feel skeptical about the idea of making Zac Taylor the Bengals’ next head coach, but be prepared to have your receipts be put on display if you’re skepticism is misplaced.

Predicting the future is hard, predicting the future of head coaches is even harder.