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You can bet on the Bengals getting Antonio Brown

The odds of Antonio Brown playing in Cincinnati are about as good as him playing in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

By now, you probably know that the Steelers and Antonio Brown are in the midst of what’s turning into an ugly divorce.

Now, you can bet on where Brown will land next, and the Bengals are actually in the middle of the pack of all 32 teams.

According to BetDSI, the teams with the best odds of landing the All-Pro receiver feature the 49ers (+200), Jets (+300), Bills (+450), Cardinals (+500) and Colts (+600).

The Bengals have +2000 to land Brown, which is actually right behind the Steelers at +1500. So in the eyes of these oddsmakers, Brown has about as much of a chance of playing in Cincinnati next season as he does Pittsburgh.

It’s highly unlikely the Bengals are going to make whatever trade it would take to land Brown, and it’s very hard to see the Steelers sending him to a division rival. Still, the Bengals have plenty of cap space and assets, so it’s not impossible to make happen if they pursued it.

Personally, I’d bet on the 49ers landing him, but don’t sleep on the Bears. They’re in sneaky good position to trade for Brown and be a true Super Bowl contender next season. Most of the teams with the best odds won’t be legit title contenders, even with Brown.

Here are the odds for all 32 teams: