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Could the Bengals get Miami QB Ryan Tannehill?

One NFL reporter thinks it’s possible.

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

The Bengals are set to hire Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor, who once coached with the Dolphins and mentored Ryan Tannehill, who is expected to exit Miami this offseason.

Though Tannehill has two years left on his contract, the expectation is that the Dolphins will find a way to move on from the former No. 8 overall pick, preferably via trade.

The Taylor-Tannehill connection will undoubtedly lead to speculation that the Bengals are a team to watch for. NFL reporter Benjamin Albright thinks Tannehill could be in play for Cincinnati in 2019:

Taylor coached Tannehill from 2012-15, so it makes sense that Taylor may want one of his former quarterbacks in Cincinnati to help teach his system.

Still, Tannehill was one of the worst starting quarterbacks this past season, finishing as Pro Football Focus’ lowest-rated quarterback among 38 eligible players He’s also owed an average of just over $19 million over the next two seasons, more than the Bengals are paying Andy Dalton.

And even if Tannehill is cut as a post-June 1 cap casualty, he’s still owed over $13 million in the next two years, so it’s hard to see him being cut and giving Cincinnati the chance to sign him for a cheap deal.

In other words, it’s very hard to see a scenario where Dalton and Tannehill are on the same roster in 2019. And if they both were somehow on the same roster, that all but nukes any hope that the Bengals will draft a quarterback in 2019.