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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: 1/16 livestream

On this week’s episode, the OBI crew discusses the pros and cons of their head coach selection still working through championship weekend, while also asking the question of if the Bengals are scrapping too much too soon and what’s ahead at quarterback.

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As January hits the midway point of the month, the Bengals have a substantial amount of their coaching staff to replace. Both offensive and defensive coordinator spots are open for filling, as are a number of other critical assistant positions.

Rumors have the Bengals set to hire a coach whose team is still alive in the postseason, but it’s putting them under the gun. Is the luster of a possible Super Bowl ring worth the squad being behind the eight ball, in terms of staffing and scouting?

Speaking of which, is Cincinnati making too far-sweeping of moves? The team wanted to move in another direction from the Marvin Lewis era, but the vast majority of coaches have not been retained. Could that lead to a system overhauls and immediate struggles?

And, what about the quarterback position? There has been some talk of Ryan Tannehill being a decent free agent acquisition this offseason for a variety of reasons. Does that even make sense?

We’ll also be taking listener questions, so submit them below in the comment thread, or in the live chat portion from the above-embedded video. We’ll also be opening up the OBI call/text line, so get in touch with us at (949) 542-6241!

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